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White Galloway

White Galloway Show Results

2010-2011 show season.

December 2010
Canterbury A&P show
3 year old Galloway cow with calf at foot 2nd Lifestyle Eden
Reserve Champion senior animal             Lifestyle Eden
Yearling Galloway Bull 1st Pinzridge Eclipse,
2nd Drysdale White Dynamite
Champion Galloway Yearling Bull     Pinzridge Eclipse
Reserve Galloway Yearling Bull          Drysdale White Dynamite
Yearling Galloway Heifer 2nd Weatherby White Star,
3rd Pinzridge Sophie
Reserve Galloway Yearling Heifer Weatherby White Star
Pair of Galloway Heifers 1st Pinzridge Stud
Group of 3 Galloway,(1 bull 2 heifers) 1st Pinzridge Stud
Pair of Galloway Bulls 1st Pinzridge Stud
South Otago A&P show
Traditional Beef Senior Cow with calf at foot 1st Lifestyle Eden
Traditional Beef Yearling Heifer           2nd Pinzridge Sophie
Champion Senior Animal Lifestyle Eden
Supreme Galloway Lifestyle Eden
MEAT & WOOL CUP Lifestyle Eden
December 2010
Wyndham a&p show
Senior Galloway Cow with Calf at foot 1st Lifestyle Eden
Galloway Yearling Heifer 1st Pinzridge Sophie
Champion Female Lifestyle Eden
Reserve Female Pinzridge Sophie
Supreme Galloway Lifestyle Eden
Febuary 2011
Gore A&P show
Galloway feature show
Senior small breeds cow with calf at foot              2nd Lifestyle Eden
Galloway Senior cow 2nd Lifestyle Eden
Small Breeds Heifer Calf 4th Pinzridge Little Bridge
Galloway Heifer Calf 3rd Pinzridge Little Bridge
Small Breeds Bull Calf 1st Pinzridge Endevour,
4th Pinzridge Danny Boy
Galloway Bull Calf                1st Pinzridge Endevour,
4th Pinzridge Danny Boy
Reserve Champion Male Pinzridge Endevour
Small Breed Breeders Group Pinzridge Stud
Galloway Breeders Group Pinzridge Stud
Small Breeds Progeny pair of calves 1st Pinzridge, Belverdeer Buster (sire),
2nd Pinzridge, Belverdeer Buster (Sire)
March 2012
Upper Clutha A&P
All Breeds  
Senior Cow with calf 3rd Lifestyle Eden
Heifer Calf 5th Pinzridge Little Bridge
Bull Calf 5th Pinzridge Endevour
Breeders Pair of Calves 4th Pinzridge Stud

Pinzgauer Show Results

Pinzridge Am Stein was the first ever Pinzgauer to be shown in New Zealand. His first show was as a yearling bull at the 2009 Christchurch Royal Show. Robbie as he is known has taken showing in his stride, so much so that when he hears the truck arrive at the yards he begins to push against the gate to get on. He has become a familiar face at the shows, he has a wonderful gentle nature, everyone knows Robbie and stops to say hi or play catch my tail if you can . As a yearling our 14 year old daughter Sutton used him in the handlers classes. 2010-2011 Robbie entered the 2yr old bull classes, even though we had used him over the cows at home he was a pleasure to work with, in fact on one occasion Robbie in fact saved my life, when he was 18 mths old and running with the other bulls we have, both stud and dairy, we had a 2year old White Galloway bull (Belverdeer Buster) that had gone down with a twisted gut, with the vets attendance, we gave him pain relief while we discussed the prospect of surgery when we discovered that not only was this bull very near death but he had also damaged his eye thrashing about and was blind in one eye. As I approached the normally placid Buster he panicked and rushed up and chased me down the hill where I took solace in the hay feeder, Buster continually attempted to get me, bearing in mind the poor guy was in extreme pain and confused with the lose of sight, mean while and lucky for me nosy Robbie came over to investigate all the bellowing, once he came over, I then feared for him and growled at him hoping that he would leave rather than have Buster turn on him, but he came right up to the feeder gave Buster a shove which gave me time to get out and grab Robbie by the nose ring, he then walked back to the gate at the top of the hill with me between him and the fence and leaving poor Buster very  confused as his “catch" had disappeared. From that day a special bond has formed between us and often you will find me out by Robbie talking to him. As for Buster, sadly due to his state of mind we where unable to safely sedate him to operate and he passed away.

2011 I was very pleased to be able to take to the Wanaka (Upper Clutha) show 3 Pinzgauer bulls, Robbie 2yr, Krackers Feb 2010 born Embryo Transplant and Tomo (PZ Widowmaker) calf. What a wonderful site to see the 3 of them tied up along side each other.

2010-2011 Show Season

December 2010
Canterbury A&P Show
Senior Male 1st Pinzridge Am Stein
Champion Male Pinzridge Am Stein
Supreme Pinzgauer Pinzridge Am Stein
February 2011
Gore A&P Show
Large Breeds Senior Bull 1st Pinzridge Am Stein
Large Breeds Champion Male Pinzridge Am Stein
March 2011
Upper Clutha A&P

All Breeds
Yearling Bull 5th Pinzridge Caesars Kracker et (Pinzgauer)
Senior Bull 1st Pinzridge Am Stein (Pinzgauer)
Reserve Champion Male Pinzridge Am Stein
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