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Belverdeer Buster
Pinzridge Danny Boy
Pinzridge Endevour
Pinzridge Ceasures Kracker ET (Pinzgauer)

Belverdeer Buster

Belverdeer Buster

Belverdeer Buster Pedigree

      Ngutunui White Andy   HB.11109
    Ngutunui White Tim HB 11125  
      Pekanui Gift 3rd  
HB. 3151
  Ngutunui White Dallas
HB 12587
      Ngutunui White Lucky   HB..06
    Ngutunui White SylviaHB 11036  
      Pekanui Irene 3rd   HB.12 (ap)
Belverdeer Buster
HB 13218
      Glacier White Lad  HB.73A014
    Ngutunui White Robbie HB.22          
      Ngutunui White Robyn  HB. 5
  Ngutunui White Elza
HB 12118
      Glacier White Lad   HB.67Z
    Ngutunui Black Lassie HB..2 (ap)  
      Pekanui Buttercup 3rd   HB.3087

“Buster’s” mother has had x2 sets of live birth twins out of 4 calvings. Buster is a twin. Very good to work with both in the yards and paddock. Died September 2010. Busters first Progeny have been shown at A&P Shows and have been very successful, his calves where always placed in the progeny classes and in their calf classes, they are very well structured with great length, and temperment.

Semen available for sale - contact Bridget for details

Semen is also available for sale from LIC

Pinzridge Danny Boy.HB 14270

Pinzridge Danny Boy

2year old dam, Lifestyle Danika HB 13260 Sire Belverdeer Buster HB 13128 Born 22/07/10.

Danny recieved a leg injury and due to the serverity of it we had only one choice but to take straws of him. So limited number available. His mother was very short legged as too is Danny. Both shown togetter as cow and calf at foot. Danny always placed second to Eddie.

Semen available for sale and also available for export

Pinzridge Endevour. HB 14272.

Pinzridge Endevour

2 year old Dam Lifestyle Eden 13147 Sire Belverdeer Buster 13128 Born 27/07/10.

Eddie has been show very sucessfully since a calf, will be entered at Christchurch show, hes a dream to handle and great personality.

Semen available for sale and also available for export

Pinzridge Ceasures Kracker ET.
Registered with the NZ Pinzgauer Society.

Pinzridge Krackers

Sired by Austailian Bull. Cross heifer calves can be registered with the society as grading up program.

2 1/2 year old bull. Shown as autum born calf.

Krackers first daughter (pure) is on the ground and has every thing a breeder would want, Krackers full brother went over our dairy herd and his calves are all born with the strip on back, so great markers.

Semen available for sale and also available for export

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