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Cross Breeding

Pinzgauers cross superbly with any breed, maintaining their excellent fertility and mothering traits. The breed distinguishes itself by significantly increasing milk production and fertility in the herd. You can expect replacement heifers to have improved milking qualities meaning improved weaning weights of their calves.
Pinzgauers are maternally strong, with characteristics complementary to terminal breeds.

Consider the qualities that a Pinzgauer cross will bring to your herd.
- Exceptional milk production in mothersCrossBreed
- Strong first calf mothering instincts
- High weaning weights
- Increased fertility
- Early maturity
- Long breeding life of both bulls cows
- Docility
- Tick, insect and sun resistant coats
- Robustness
- Splendid quality tasty tender meat

MEAT Qualities
Pinzgauers provide the best of both worlds offering tender juicy flavoursome meat without a lot of fat wastage.
Pinzgauer beef is unique in that it can be well marbled for taste and tenderness yet still have a minimum amount of external fat.
Studies performed at the U.S.D.A Meat Animal Research Centre, Clay Nebraska, show that Pinzgauers produce meat that is the tenderest of any beef breed and routinely exceeds other breeds in juiciness and flavour. Because of the enzyme make up of these animals, the meat retains its tenderness without the use of artificial chemical process.
Additionally, Pinzgauer steers in the feedlot showed above average gains and a minimum of health problems.
This is what beef should be like!

Crossbreeding - An Economical Alternative
Cattlemen today are looking for increased production without adding excessive size and feed costs. Pinzgauer, when crossed with the British breeds, will not only increase milk production and weaning weights, but will also produce a more desirable carcass. Pinzgauer cross well with any breed, whether British, Continental, Asian or Latin.
Low fertility in some breeds is quickly eliminated by injecting Pinzgauer blood. Crossbred Pinzgauer dams are proven superior milkers and wean heavier calves in the fall. Pinzgauer are also used around the globe on dairy cattle to improve meat quality and gain ability without suppressing milk yield.

PinzgauersteakMeet the "Meat" Challenge!!!

Pinzgauer beef is unique as it possesses greater marbling than other continental breeds, yet has a minimum amount of external fat to trim. Carcass data collected from hundreds of Pinzgauer steers processed by Cargill Foods at High River, Alberta proves that Pinzgauers meet as the specifications!
Pinzgauer are easy to feed and finish due to their quiet nature, high average daily gain and excellent feed conversion. With minimum fat cover, above average marbling capabilities and built in tenderness, Pinzgauer beef is practical and delicious!

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