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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: What age should a Pinzgauer heifer have her first calf?
A: Depending on the heifer's individual growth pattern, somewhere between 19 and 26 months

Q: At what age do Pinzgauers start cycling and become fertile?
A: Pinzgauers are a very fertile breed and hit puberty around 5 months.

Q: At what age are Pinzgauer bulls generally ready to start serving cows?
A: As soon as the bull's frame size allows him to serve cows - usually somewhere between 12 and 15 months.

Q: What is the best age for weaning Pinzgauer calves?
A: Weaning age is usually dependent upon feed availability. In general, with adequate feed, a mother will have enough milk to feed her calf indefinitely (*not always the case though) and hence the calf needs to be weaned about 6 weeks or more before her next calf is due in order to give her some recovery time.

Q: What traits should I look for when buying a bull?
A: Today's Pinzgauer is a medium-framed well-muscled animal of striking and impressive appearance with distinctive colour markings like no other breed.

It is basically a red animal, sometimes described as mahogany, with a white top line that is narrow at the shoulders and becomes wider at the rump. The tail and underline is white and white extends slightly over the legs. Compared with some European breeds the Pinzgauer is not an overly tall breed, its hallmark being more body length than body height.
When choosing your Pinzgauer, note that its back should be long and straight, with a long level loin blending smoothly into the back and rump. The rump should also be long, quite wide at the pins and should round out slightly towards the tail head.
Pinzgauers possess legs that show considerable strength of bone. As in other breeds of Alpine origins those strong correct legs and dark hooves allow these animals to graze and travel where other breeds could not forage.

Pinzgauer Charasteristics:

Colouration: Pinzgauers are primarily a deep chestnut red colour, and have white on their top line, barrel, tails and rump.

Body type and characteristics: Pinzgauers are large-framed cattle; mature bulls average at least 2000 lbs, and mature cows average around 1000 to 1600 lbs. This breed is a beef breed with the characteristics to be quite beefy like Simmentals are. Pinz's have smooth hair and firm flexible skin that helps prevent tick and other insect infestations.

Head characteristics: Pinzgauers can be polled or horned. In comparison to other breeds, the head of a pinz tends to be not as fine as Angus, but more robust and coarse like that of Simmentals or even Charolais. They also tend to be long in the face like Simmental or Chianinas.

Other characteristics: Pinzgauer cattle originated in Bavaria, but were not recognized as a breed until the 1600's when the designation "Pinzgauer" is derived from the "Pinzgau" district in the province of Salzburg, Austria. There are also records of Pinz’s being exported to Romania, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia in the1820's. In the early 1900's a number of breeding animals were exported to South Africa, which now has the second largest full blood Pinzgauer breeding herd in the world.

Pinzgauers are more of a beef-type animal than dairy, although this breed can be considered as a dual-purpose breed. This breed is able to produce, on average, 4000 to 5000 kg of milk per year. Pinz's tend to eat a lot of forage, yet have good temperament, maternal qualities, and fertility, and easy calving ability. They also have good carcass qualities, with a slaughter yield of 56-58%.

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