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Ross and myself, Bridget, farm in the deep south, at Merino Downs, north east of Gore. We also 50/50 Sharemilk 550 cows just down the road from our Beef block.

Along with our 4 children, Blaire 1993, Sutton 1996, Jackson 2001 and Hadley 2006, we run our 200 acres, as a grazing block for our hold over's and dairy replacements, Stud herds as well as our own bulls. Both Blaire and Sutton have now left home, Blaire has bought a home in Gore and works for Transpower, Sutton has moved to the top of the South Island with her Partner to live and work on Marks parents Beef farm. Mark has his own Hereford stud, so we look forward to competing against them in the show ring.

Pinzridge Endevour with Hadley at Gore 2011
Pinzridge Endevour with Hadley at Gore 2011

Pinzridge Stud is the home of three very distinctive beef breeds, Pinzgauer (est. 2006), South Devon (est. 2015) and White Galloway (est. 2006) Our son Jackson has his own Belted Galloway stud as well ‘Jral’(est. 2013), and our youngest has asked to also have his own White Galloway stud, we have gifted him his first heifer calf Pinzridge Artic Suzi Q who unfortunately had to be hand reared and became a hit with all the children and parents that come to the calf sheds in September each year and prepare their own school calves. Hadley has chosen the name “Artic White” for this Stud name.

Our White Galloway herd has, at this time only 2 breeding cows, and 3 heifer calves. Due to the new addition to Pinzridge (South Devons) we had to make a huge number cut so we sold 19 cows with calves at foot and kept the two show girls, Eden and Polly. Our white Galloway bulls have either been breed here or bought in for outside breeding lines. Ross and I also use the bulls over the diary heifers. In 2010 Livestock Improvement approached us and purchased straws from our stud bull, Belverdeer Buster, we also have his straws in our own bank for future use which is very lucky as in September 2010 Buster died of a twisted stomach.

Last year (2015) We purchased our first South Devon cows. 2 Incalf R3’s from Fraser McKenzie’s Wainuka Stud, along with 3 graded recorded ½ bred weaner Heifers. (Although these 3 have been bred pure no paper work was ever kept) Throughout our showing we have always been around other South Devon breeders, and have a number of times helped out these breeders. Our son Jackson has used a Loch Lomond yearling bull for his Handler completions. We have fallen in love with these animals, they have the most amazing temperament that runs alongside the Pinzgauer perfectly.

Originally the graded heifers were for Grading up the Pinzgauer, but as we were able to record these in the South Devon Herd book we choose to leave them as South Devon. Daveina (horned) will be put to Pinzgauer in 2016 mating as she is not quite the same type of the other South Devons and we would like to keep the type close.

The children and I attend and exhibit the Cattle at as many shows as we are able, beginning at Christchurch in November to Wanaka in March.

Pinzridge Stud also breeds one of New Zealand’s rarest breeds, Pinzgauer. We have 6 Pure Breed breeding cows as well as 3 graded Pinzgauer cows, as there are so few in NZ. The New Zealand Pinzgauer Society has a Grading up programme in place. We also run 3 Bulls. Our first bull Robbie was the first Pinzgauer ever shown in New Zealand.

We hope you enjoy our web site and photos of the girls and boys. Occasionally we will list stock we have for sale which generally will include crossbreds in the spring of calves from both the White Galloway and Pinzgauer out of our dairy herd.

You are always WELCOME to visit us and view our stock, we will look forward to seeing you.

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